Hello everyone!! This is Federico and me at The Colca Canyon, Arequipa, Peru. A wonderful tour to take if you are around Arequipa city.

We’ve been travelling for 6 months so far and they were the best 6 months of our lives. It’s amazing how time perception changes when you’re travelling, every day is a new adventure, there is no routine, no schedule to stick to besides getting the bus, train, plane, etc. that you already bucked.

Life and freedom gain a whole new meaning when you get to see the world through your own eyes.


The traveller

I’m not the same person I was when I started this journey,

Every time I look at me in a mirror I feel surprised by that person staring back at me, she is not the one I remember,

Every time I look at me in a mirror I see a different person,

I’m just beginning to understand that I am NOT the person I thought I was,

I am being as I walk, as I breathe, as I decide how to react, how to feel, what to think,

I am not motionless,

I am dynamic, 

I am movement,

I am being as I walk through life.

Embrace the change