How To Choose The Best Volunteering Proposal

Many of you (travellers or travellers to be) might have heard of this not-that-new travel mode: volunteering¬†for a couple of hours a day in exchange for food and accommodation.¬†This may be the perfect way to travel cheaper and for longer periods of time, and in a way it is, but the truth is… volunteering isn’t a good idea for everyone. There are many aspects to consider before enrolling in an experience such as volunteering abroad. Continue reading

Volunteering In A Hare Krishna Community

The story of our first experience volunteering abroad…

Eco-truly, A Hare Krishna community in Arica, northern Chile

We heard of this place through Federico’s cousin while we were staying in Iquique, a nice coastal city in the north of Chile. He told us of this self-supporting Hare Krishna community one hour away from Arica (Lluta Valley) where people can stay and learn about permaculture, eco-building, and healthy and more sustainable ways of living. We really liked the idea since we both share the dream of being able one day to build our own sustainable home with a big garden where we can grow our own organic fruits and vegetables. Continue reading

Hello world!

Hello everyone!! This is Federico and me at The Colca Canyon, Arequipa, Peru. A wonderful tour to take if you are around Arequipa city.

We’ve been travelling for 6 months so far and they were the best 6 months of our lives. It’s amazing how time perception changes when you’re travelling, every day is a new adventure, there is no rutine, no schedule to stick to besides getting the bus, train, plane, etc. that you alreadey bucked.

Life and freedom gain a whole new meaning when you get to see the world through your own eyes.